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National Marble Shooting Competition

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National Marbles Tournament Inc.

Welcome to our web site!

Tournament is June 21- 25, 2009

The 86th annual National Marbles Tournament comes to Wildwood, NJ in June 2009. The "mibsters"(marble shooters) will compete for national honors, college scholarships and numerous prizes and awards. The mibsters will play more than a 1,200 games over the four‑day tournament. Champions selected from local tournaments held in cities and counties around the United States will converge on Wildwood for a week of serious marble competition and fun on amusement rides and boardwalk attractions.

The marble game played in the tournament is called Ringer. It is played by placing 13 marbles in the form of an "X" in a ten foot circle with players alternating shots. The winner is the player who is first to shoot seven marbles out of the ring.

"This tournament gives youngsters from across the country the opportunity to come to Wildwood and pit their skills against the best mibsters in the country," according to national committee members of the National Marbles Tournament. "Marbles is a game that has been played for centuries and this great tournament continues a tradition of competition, sportsmanship and good clean fun."

The National Marbles Tournament was first held in 1922. The national committee operates the tournament which is composed of a group of volunteer men & women from various walks of life, from around the country that have a common interest in the game of marbles. National Marbles Tournament Inc.is a 501©(3) organization.

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