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Shipping Marbles

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I don't come here very often anymore, but I feel like I need to say something about a shipment of marbles that I just received. I knew there was trouble as soon as I took them out of the mailbox. The marbles were rolling free inside the box. I think you can still call them marbles even though it's very hard to tell. The inside bottom of the box is littered when broken and ground glass. These marbles are completely destroyed and there really isn't anything I can do to help them. It's to bad as there were a couple of very nice handmade marbles and I can't tell what the others were. PLEASE, when you ship marbles wrap them in bubble wrap after putting each one in it's own plastic bag (or tissue or something to keep them from banging into each other.) Than make sure that they can't move in the shipping container. ----Leroy----

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Just got a big box of marbles today package in a ziplock bag ( with lots of space left) in a box with a few newspapers. Some broken, lots chipped, scratched, and dented. Only good thing to come of it was........... I got a very good close up of what marbles look like in the middle!

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