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Hi kh1958, I was wondering the same thing. I have belonged to the TMC for a long time. Last summer we sent our dues in and have not received any newsletters or our membership cards. I hear Russ is not the treasure anymore. I will have to call calvin and find out what is going on. Edna if you read this thread maybe you have imput. thanks in advance - PS I have done the texas shows in the past and they have been great, have not had the chance to do any the past couple of years though. -Jim

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The Texas Marble Club has had three elections starting with the one at our October show. That was thrown out. We then got permission to hold an election via internet email. That one was thrown out. We met in December, the trustees, some present, some present by proxy. We held a third election which was also thrown out. The results of all three elections was the same.

Edna Eaton, President

Carroll Collier, Vice President

Claudia Buser, Secretary

Raymond Anderson, Treasurer

We also elected new trustees.

Finally in February, the ex officers agreed that for the good of the club, they would accept the elections. Raymond has opened a bank account for our money, but it has yet to be transferred. Every time we think we have it all settled, one of two former trustees asks for another requirement to be met. Carroll Collier, myself, and all the rest of the officers were committed to having a spring show. However, it is probably not going to happen, because we have not met all of the former treasurer's requests. Carroll has delivered all of the paper work asked for and now there are new requests. There has been a pattern of this behavior since October. Without our money to pay the hotel bills, it is impossible to hold a show. Carroll is trying to find a hotel in Austin to hold a show in May, but without our money released we don't know at this point. Wish I could be of more help. We had big plans for our usual April show with guest marble speakers, marble makers, etc. but it looks like it is not going to happen. PM me for more information. Edna

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