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Cat's Eyes - First Of A Series

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I thought I would add a statement to this thread. This CAT'S-EYE SERIES will run to 8 or 9 weeks with an add'l

ten cat's-eye photographs with full descriptions provided each weekend. I decided some time ago that it would

be nice to provide a shot in the arm to the lowly cat's-eye, bring it into the big time marble arena where it

belongs. And it seemed the right time, well past the right time, to be the Marlow Peterson disciple I've touted

myself as by advancing the importance of cat's-eyes from the 'weak sister' position they've had for so many

years amongst old timey collectors. I think once you see the full possibilities that cat's-eyes present you will

have an entirely new appreciation for them. I surely have and I at one time even had disdain for them!

David Chamberlain

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