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Marbles, A Compressor Of Time

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Marbles connect us to our beginnings as the most positively pure of playthings long before we invested them with values - years removed from their ordinary nature.

Yet who among us does not remember that one special marble that held a possessive fascination for us, a foretelling of

future worth. How we esteemed that trivial plaything, a harbinger of future longings.

Even people I talk with who haven't given a thought to marbles in years suddenly come alive. Often I've witnessed a Pavlovian turn of their wrist and trigger-like readiness of their thumb. They're a kid again. And who among us isn't!

The wonder, the delight, the keeness of it all. An unearthing discovery, the bringing to light that which had been forgotten - granting an aesthetic to a plaything. Ain't marbles great! .....David Chamberlain

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Hi Mr Chamberlain,

I didn't discover marbles until about 2 years ago, so I consider myself a middle-aged kid...lol

My husband tells me of his youthful marble days, which ones he liked to use when playing.

They're fun and wonderful and I just love learning about them.

Have a great day!

:-) Felicia

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