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My opinion is  

47 members have voted

  1. 1. I like the way the moderation is done.

    • Yes, it's fine.
    • No, it's too heavy handed.
    • No feelings either way.
  2. 2. If the moderation of posts changes would you post

    • More.
    • Less.
    • About the same.
  3. 3. Do you realize you and the board is liable for what you write?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Don't care.

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I'm surprised that several members don't care that they are liable for what they say. Must have nothing worth taking I guess.


you included "the board" - which might be why they "don't care" if it was only themselves at risk they might change their answer....but none the less - you are always liable for your actions and words, however proving "libel" is extremely different.

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