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Griff ____________ot Fish

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Im so proud of my nephews Joe dirt Chadwick and Patrick Schendel super fish for fish lovers Joe is well known in the mid-west for his trout ...i only dream i could fish like this and btw my buddy Lin can catch um too


These boys can slam um Griff or anyone for that matter you have to come to this valley Game Maddness is all i can say the pics of Joe dirt chadwick say it all. <<<<<<<<<<and yup big carp too he got one last week 34poundz.......nice nice


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Nice ....My nephew joe has pounded some big brookies ..........As for me nada only big carp but huge caught a 20 pounder last week smoked and ready to go ...........ill take some pics of those brookies and post um in this tread ASAP There monsters, those bad boys will fire you up if anything will

Dustin. :Happy_050:

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