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2009 Amana Meet

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All wise marble collectors should read good marble books and attend marble shows. Knowledge is power! The Amana Marble Meet lived up to expectations again this year. Personally I visited 67 rooms but did not take pictures since most show pictures are of big guys sitting at display tables with little detail paid to the reason for coming - marbles.

The highlights for me were displays in some of the rooms. Lee Linne had both a killer assortment of marble trade beads and a model of a marble rolling machine that was probably used as evidence in one of the early patent infringement suites. Double wow!!

In another room was displayed THE large Popeye marble box - one of four possibly known to exist. It is in the books but close up it is beautiful while not for sale for even $10,000!

High end marbles held their own but general run marbles seemed to be lower. One collector was very excited to have found a “green tiger” at what I assume was a premium price.

JABOs - singles, boxes and buckets full were everywhere and selling for considerably less than they did last year - go figure.

Most collectors were willing to share their knowledge if you show interest and take time to listen. Their special knowledge is extensive and usually accurate. Marble shows are a must.

Big Indian and a braid

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Hi-ya Popeyecollector,

Thanks for the inside look at this season's Amana Show.

What a wonderful time of the year to be in Iowa. For me it's the super food as much as the marbles. I'm Jonesin' for some sauer bratten at the Amana Colonies, a feast of beef tenderloin at the Lark & a pancake breakfast or two at the Brick........

Oh Yeah, it's a Marble Show too-

Lee always has some great marble related stuff. Marbles too. I bet the Big Popeye Box was a show stopper. They must have been a special run- you sure never see them around.

I'm Hip,



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I did the brickhouse breakfast and had Vinershnitzel at Ronnegers but didn't make the run out to the Lark. BTW I did pick up some great marbles. 1-9/16 naked single ribbon, 1-1/4 purple glass caged latt. 1-1/8 caramel swirl, nice 1-5/8 red onion/joseph and a nice christensen swirl/flame, some vitro blackies a 1" navarre, and some of the latest run of Jabos. Hows that for diversity. :-) Bill

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I agree with the "double wow" factor when it comes to Lee Linne's model marble machine.

What struck me was that it was stated that only two of the three models are known to exist.

The model Lee had was based on the Horace Hill patent (1,164,718).

The second machine referred to was said to be in the possession of Boyce Lundstrom with the third to be unknown or "lost".

However, Boyce's model is based off the Miller patent (1,601,699).

These are two totally different executions of marble forming equipment.

So, I wonder what is meant by "three" machines.


John McCormick

"Shamrock Marbles"

P.S. I think you came to my room. It is hard to put board names to faces.

Did you talk to me about your visit to Moon and the demonstration of how odd-balls are made?

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