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Btw......what Ever Happened To The Good Marble Deals?

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is it the economy or is everyone just trying to get rich quick. there are no deals on ebay, the flea market or yard sales anymore. i am so tired of not being able to afford clearies because the guy swears that they were his grandfather's and they are in an antique jar. i understand that a marble may book at 1000.00. but if you can only get 500.00 out of itand you tried for a year or so.....guess what it is worth. 500.00. most price guides do go off of the current market. there are a few haves that can afford the big stuff on the bay then there are the have nots who have to dig or bust open spray paint cans to find a marble. (okay maybe it is not that bad but it is pretty bad out there.) when i first started collecting about 1 1/2 years ago, i found deals on the bay, yard sales, and fleaville.......not anymore. i dont know why i posted this.....just want marbles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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