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Akro Vs Vitro Colors

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Have a q's about Akro & Vitro glass, it appears that some of the Akro's and Vitro's are very similar when it comes to colors..

there was a mib that sold on Feebay and the colors are really close to a Vitro i have, is there anyway it is actually an skewered Akro rather than a Vitro ?

Akro that sold


My Vitro/ Akro ?


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I was watching that marble but passed because of the annealing issues. It is akro all the way. Yes Vitro has similar colors. Vitro ordered from akro. Raelyn bought all the vitro factory merchandise from the Anacortes factory, including a lot of vintage paperwork, a few years back. she was kind enough to give us an old Akro order form to vitro.

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Boy it's hard to say not seeing it in hand, because colors are rarely true monitor to monitor. I lean towrds vitro, but can't say 100%. The red in the vitros is a little different. But I agree, I would be happy with it too! it's one dang purdy marble!

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