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  1. oh sooo sad. RIP our old friend. hopefully you are romping with your pups! you will be GREATLY missed.
  2. Thanks Lou!!! lets keep in touch!!
  3. sadly Ken Fee, from Salt Lake City Utah has passed away. His sister has asked to let our marble community know should anyone wish to attend services. Gravesite service is Dec1st, noon at Ron Wasatch Memorial Park, Salt Lake City. RIP Ken. you will ne missed.
  4. the vegas show is next!!! its just the best!!! mostly antique and vintage too. there will be a documentary being filmed on marble collecting too!
  5. ok gang I know I am not seeing some our regular marble family on the room lists! please don't wait! do it today!!
  6. yeah posted it MONTHS ago.. reposting..
  7. so why are all the show notifications gone?? just 2 on there and OLD ones at that?
  8. MFC made a number 12 too. heres a few of ours, smallest shown is 5/8 largest is just shy of 2". if that helps for size comparisons.
  9. Edwin is a quality buyer, and has been for years. all around nice guy too!
  10. leaving tomorrow so the hospitality room will be up and running on Tuesday!! hope to see y'all there. cant wait!!
  11. the room rates are good for Tuesday thru Tuesday so come spend a vacation!!
  13. do the opals have the little fish eyes?
  14. http://www.ebay.com/itm/TINY-PEEWEE-MICA-GERMAN-HANDMADE-ANTIQUE-MARBLE-/332186629185?hash=item4d57ddb441:g:dWUAAOSw53NY9Wl9
  15. this is pretty cool too... http://www.ebay.com/itm/1880S-SUPER-RARE-EXPERIMENTAL-HALF-ONION-HALF-RIBBON-W-MICA-ANTIQUE-MARBLE-/332183778635?hash=item4d57b2354b:g:1QAAAOSwmgJY8XZA
  16. Don't see big ones, full 3/4" very often. clear cherry red with big mica flakes. ground faceted pontil.. yummy! http://www.ebay.com/itm/1880s-OVER-3-4-RED-MICA-ANTIQUE-MARBLE-/382045152452?hash=item58f3aa64c4:g:WHcAAOSwkShY8-bC
  17. Everything about Antique and Vintage Marbles, Everything about Antique and Vintage Marble Auctions, Antique, Vintage and Contemporary Marble Auctions, Marbleholics Anonymous, Pelt Heads well theres a few...lol
  18. Hansel, your 'constructive criticism' has gotten you blocked twice by me. Nothing constructive about it. always total arrogance, as seen here. While we are not a fan of the name game, it is there. and as you admittedly do not know your peltiers, and are siting older generic info. the collector names used in the book have all been around for quite some time and are totally understood by the pelt collectors. Sami, I know you worked very hard on this book. Don't let any trolls or haters bring ya down. :-) E&D
  19. thanks Steph. he really was a peach of a guy, he had been quite sick for awhile, but never wanted anyone to know. :-(
  20. Sadly we heard that long time friend and marble collector Roger Adam passed away feb.18th. Roger was a long time friend, one of our first charter members of the IAMC and the Sea Tac club, and Northwest marble collectors club before that. He had an extensive marble collection. Roger was always fun to be around, and gladly shared his knowledge. He will be SO missed. RIP Roger.
  21. killer Sami! great book, beautiful pictures!!! thanks!!!!!
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