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What Does A Duck And A Jukebox Have In Common ??


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We went to Milwaukee as there was an ad for a flea market in the gay area of Milwaukee so we headed down and found a lot of items , this gum ball machine was $1.50 and one other for .50 and it even had money in it 18 cents . I saw a lot of buying should have gotten their earlier , even found some marbles but nothing special as I can not remember what they were but I always buy if I am there and there cheep . The duck made me even repaint the post brown and get a threaded pipe color bolted to the base , all the KID'S that see it either try and turn the knob or just a soft pet on the head ,IF FACT IT EVEN HAS HAD THE TOP OFF FROM TO MUCH ACTION . Mike

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QuACK! ;-}

I recently got a new marble buddy duck, myself. I'll post him sometime soon as my avitar, and give the current MarbleBuddy a break.

BTW, in the Santa Barbara area, plain gum ball machines, with no posts, go for more than $69.00!!!!

You got a good deal!.. and it solves the problem of what to do with some of those not-so-special marbles we all have allll over the house.


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