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4" Tall Lattacinio Glass Vase


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I dunno about 1900 old... But, it looks like it has some age. Probably Murano, not German...

The problem here isn't how new or old the vase is... It's how DAMNED good the Chinese glass workers are getting!!!

I try to cruise the Home Goods, Targets, Pier One type stores to keep up on what's coming out on the market... Forgive me if this vase is one of them!!! But the work does look pretty clean and the base seems finished off better than most of the newer Eastern imports.

Crafters are using Chinese production work glass beads and pendants for handmade glass jewelry that can carry the claim of being handcrafted, because the item is... But, the beads and pendants are a rude slap in the face to legitimate glass artists... Yes, they are handcrafted. But, mass produced by the millions, for cheap...

I was a little sadistic this Christmas season... Every crafter, or kiosk seller I saw with these beads and pendants, I would ask, "Where is the glass made?"

The answers were often very creative and entertaining.... <_<

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