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Chirstmas 08 Marble Gifts From Me


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a few years back I sent out a small assortment of marbles to a few people on this board. Lou, I know you were one of them, bluebird, and many others... Well, to make a long story short, in those little groups of marbles there were a couple dark red glass mibs with red swipes in them. I handed a few to Frank Sellars this past deer season, when he and Ruby came to visit and he told me he would get them id'd for me. At his last meeting Ron Shepard, many thanks to Ron whose knowledge far exceeds my own, id'd them as Peltier red glass'd banana's. So if you were one of the lucky ones, you can lable them accordingly. I was and am, very excited to hear the news. I still have a handful left, and now I know where to put them. :) I hope you all enjoyed your presents and I can only say that I am sorry I didn't get around to doing something like this in 09. God bless

p.s. There is a post somewhere on here in the id section where I posted them in a group many posts ago, if you want to look.

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