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$1 Bin Show Marbles

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I'm wondering- what marbles do you all take to shows for your $1 pick-through marbles? Do you have $2, $3, $5 piles?

While sorting, I've been using a magnifying glass and setting aside any with small dings thinking collectors only want mint? (The cracked mibs and ones with a sizeable chip are flung in the marble trench outside my back door). Will collectors pay a buck or two for a colorful example that may have a couple of small dings/touchmarks?


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I was going for an all time short response! And the "Yes!" was directed towards collectors paying a buck or two for marbles with small dings and touch marks. As for more damage it would have to be one I'd want for ID purposes but for the most part I strictly stay away from ANYTHING with damage and am somewhat embarrassed when any are found in my offerings unless I have clearly pointed it out either with a note affixed or a comment on the spot. I'm still embarrassed about a marble I had for the longest time that Clyde brought to my attention twice as having a significant defect!

I have found that a massive pile of halfway decent marbles(meaning of interest) with varying degrees of condition laid out on the bed in your hotel room are regular bread and butter. Brian Estepp did this with some great stuff early on and as I recall his prices across the Board were something like $5 or $10 ea. I forget. Brian would refer to it as "feeding at the trough." I kid you not.... David

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i would put some damaged higher end marbles in and some run of the mill ones that might no be damaged and sell them at 6 or 7 for 5.00. hold back on alot of the higher end damaged ones and replace the ones that sell as they sell. that will keep people diggin' all day and you will sell more marbles that way

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