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W Va. Swirls

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The countdown is on for the show next month. WooHoo! I have filled lots of plastic boxes with W. Va. swirls. It was fun sorting out the various colors of browns, blues, and grays. They browns look like bits of caramel candy. And WOW on some of the transparent wirepull/swirl types. So many marbles and so little time left to organize.

BTW: Is it okay to pop them in your mouth to clean them? Hahaha. The old man I live with throws a fit when I do.

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Florinated or sensative teeth, gel or regular? What about mango orange flavor? does it have to be minty what do the marbles prefer? How about lazy people like me too much effort to swish them around in my mouth what about popping them in a glass of efferdent? :rolleye-842:

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