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Lucious Bag Of Cats

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I'm curious. How much bigger than 5/8"? I know that even 1/64" larger can make a 5/8" marble look small but are they by any chance 1/32" larger. If they are perceptibly larger than they are extremely unusual for a 3 color cross-thru. The 5/8" cross-thrus when they were first recognized after Larry & Marlow's book came out were garnering $20 ea. I have no idea what they've settled down to these days but they were always 5/8" and not the size of the ones you have. Yes, there was talk about 7/8" and 1" or 15" 3 color cross-thrus but not the size of the ones in your thread here. Just a little background....David

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They're 11/16" David. There's 20 marbles per bag. Really bright colors in very clear glass. The header reads "BARTON'S SUPERIOR MARBLES" on both sides. No country of origin listed. No other info at all. Later I'll check the shipping crate/box and see if there's any more info on it.

It's really lucky how these came to me. An Ebay seller had one bag up for auction and had it listed as a bag of "digger machine" marbles. The auction had no picture. I thought, "what the heck are digger machine marbles"? Anyways, I was the only bidder. I asked him if he had anymore and he said he had the old distributor box with more bags. The box was the orig. one that had been sent to the amusement company that had ordered them years before. Well, the seller bought the old "claw" machine at auction and found the box with bags in the storage compartment/base of the machine. As I had bought them sight unseen, I was happy to find that they were vintage 6 vane 3 color catseyes.

BTW: how would a bag of marbles ever survive one of those claw machines intact?

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This is great! Stories to go with marbles...all I need now is a box of chocolates and I'm set!

Good question about the claw, maybe that's why the marbles were put into that compartment...because the bags got punctured? hmmmm

:-) Felicia

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