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Anybody want to come over and play?

Here is my collection in a lamp that I have from my 6th grade time when I was the marble champ at my school.

Let me see...... 62-10 = 52 years ago!

I had these in tin cans (remember them) for years before i was old enough to have the money to buy the lamp.

It was full of sea shells before I altered it when I was 25 and made it into my marble lamp.

I am guessing it weighs around 50 pounds and is solidly full of all the winnings from back then.

I have the principal's shooter + his marbles, other teacher's marbles and especially Sue's shooter and her marbles as she was my closest competitor!

Ahhhh, the good old days!


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That's really kewl Rich! Looks like you were quite the skilled player back in the day. How's your knuckle down skills now? I've never played but think it's kewl that you still have all those and that lamp idea is really great!

Thanx for sharing.

:-) Felicia

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How long has it been since you looked through those? I see some corks and a popeye. Looks like a fun group to go through.

I can't tell what's in there on my screen. I agree about it looking like a fun group. Is that a little Santa in the lower right corner?

:-) Felicia

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