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Akro Oxblood Whatchamacallit

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I'd post a pic but everyone reading this post already knows that I am no photographer. If anybody out there cares, I'll try to capture the image of this marble tomorrow - in the sunshine.

It is a very odd Akro. I had it labelled as a ghost corkscrew. The base glass is white milky/moonie looking translucent but is not opalescent.

The white corkscrew is all inside. However, the thin line oxblood on the outside is in the corkscrew pattern. It's odd for sure.

Is there such a thing as a ghost corkscrew? It's an attractive ghostly thing for sure.


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Nah, just eleven movie DVDs. Did get a 1940s bakelite View-Master viewer MIB w/ a few reels to boot. Oh, some jade and coral but that was about it. Haven't had a flea market marble hit in quite sometime. I am though anticipating some goodies from a couple guys on the Board here. David

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