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Brick And Cac Flame

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Hey Bubba1!

Some great looking marbles you have listed. I think I'll have to bid on some of them.

I noticed you are from Springfield! Are you the one that out bids Dad when I send him to auctions with marbles? I'm from Springfield originally. I live in Arizona now. Doesn't matter how much I love AZ or how long I've lived away, no matter what, Springfield is still home to me! Last week, Dad just bought a German Swirl, Contemporary Lutz, and a Grazing Cow Sulfide. I can hardly wait to see them. He use to go and buy me marbles but then being as addictive as they are, he buys marbles for himself.

Last year in Taney County there was a flea market with a bunch of Indian Swirls I should have bought all of. Hope they are still there this year...

Hope I win some of your marbles!!


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wish i had more time to go to auctions, hopefully i will be able to this summer---so it's not me! there are quite a few marble "kooks" around this area though! lol

i hit the flea markets now and then, but it's been pretty sparse--haven't been to any farther than Ozark--but i'd be happy to go check on those indians for you (just have to let me know where---LOL!!!)

good luck on the bidding and i hope you win a bunch!!


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No need to waste your time over in Ozark. Dad lives in Nixa and he keeps a pretty close eye on what they have over there. Plus, he is a member of the good ole boys club (headquarters Nixa Sale Barn Cafe) so oftentimes he gets the inside skinny.

So...location of the Taney County Indian Swirls might be disclosed for a few marble bribes tucked in with the "one color shy of a parrot" I can't wait to get my hands on..........

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