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Master Marble

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I have a jet black brushed patch Master Marble labelled "Blueberry Hill". When backlit the marble is blue. Not dark like cobalt but lighter. I guess it's a blueberry color.

I cannot find a reference to this marbles anywhere. I know I didn't name it myself and I don't usually back light any marble.

Does this name/marble ring a bell with anyone out there in marbledom?

It's a shame that I didn't keep better records.

BTW: It also has a metallic strip.

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I honestly don't remember David. It was also labelled Alan B. however when I contacted Alan he said he was not familiar with it. I could have sworn I saw it on one of his auctions or perhaps on his pre-crash marble site. (what a fantastic site that was!). He thinks maybe someone on the boards may have named it. Anyways, it's not much to really look at. Looks black opaque with a white brushed patch but when backlit it's a bright blue and very nice.

BTW: I have the Master Crab Claw also. Now the CC is a very pretty mib.

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