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Anyone In Need Of A Good Display Case

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Kinda, I helped out at a cabinet making shop part time, and the owner helped me constuct it in our spare time, which took forever to complete in between jobs. Glad I had his help and tools to do it with. Lord nows what it would have looked like with out all his help and support. I wouldn't part with it, but I have some medical bills to pay. Glad you liked it. Take care Mike

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Buddy you drive one hard bargain. I will accept your first offer. My counter offer was $20.00 more, so I will send you a invoice with zero shipping which will be the same as your first offer. If you accept my counter offer. Let me know! Thanks Mike

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Guest mintster

Any pics of the display? I'm a little late to the ball game, ebay link is gone and would love to see it. I been looking around for good displays and not completely satisfied with what is out there.


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