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  1. I'll try getting one into the message area... I got it now... I have to drag and drop it... Nothing happens just by clicking on them... I can get by now... TY for the help anyway...
  2. Hey Steph, Unable to add Emoticons to my posts... What's wrong??? TY in advance... Me...
  3. It doesn't strike me as being a Vitro and I have hundreds of them... I won't make a guess, so to me it's a question... I would like to find out what it is though... It's a beauty...
  4. Hello Bryan, I'm not an expert, but all these marbles look to me as being foreign, little or no value... Except the lowest marble at the bottom with red yellow blue and white stripes, it's worth about 10 or 15 dollars to the right person...
  5. Looks like you came up with some very nice marbles after a hard days work... Thumbs up...
  6. A real beauty ya got there BJ...
  7. Rich, you asked for opinions and I gave you nine... This thread starts with Aventurine Mib's, and says nothing about cullets in the title, thats why I went into the thread... What you do with your mibs is your business... I just don't care for it...
  8. I don't have time for a responce today, I will be back tomorrow AM... Thank -You Galen for your understanding...
  9. I'll probably get barred for this but here goes... Give yourself a pat on your back for mutilating marbles... I hope you have initialed them... Once they leave your possession, who knows what they are??? Personally I'm getting tired of "Oh look what I did"... Not meant to hurt your feelings, just to open your eyes...
  10. Thanks Ric... Not happy at all to find out it was a Jabo
  11. My mistake!!! That was Foxfire 2 not Firefox 2... That might make it easier... LOL...
  12. I just came across a mib labeled Firefox 2, and have no Idea what it is... Can anyone tell me anything about it, and possibly post a photo of one... This mib is 9/16 dia. blue, white and a burnt orange colors... Thank-You for any help...
  13. Hi Ann, Well, we are up in Beach Park, just north of Waukegan and man did we get dumped on... The snow plows have deposited a 5 to 6 foot wall of snow across both of my driveways... We have a corner lot and got drifting from the north and west, average probably 4 ft... Snow is up to the bottom of the windows on my truck... I don't plan on snow blowing today because of the sub-zero temps, probably on Saturday...
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