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I Want To Photograph Your Jabos!


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If you have outstanding Jabo's I want to photograph them. I will arrange to ship them back to you and an escrow can be setup if your worried I will not return them. I want to shoot images like you have seen here in my post over the past year. I would be happy to make copies for your personal usage once I am done.

If you are and investor with any large quantity of marbles still around, please consider sending me some nicer examples for photographing, I will do for them what I have done here for other marbles. People need to see these marbles! Help me by considering much this will help the community.


I really want to photograph all (or as many as I can) of the Experimental Jabo Flames, If you have seen my photography you know I am qualified, and I want to contribute to the community by continuing to produce these kinds of images for posterity

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