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What Happened To Ebay Seller Uncmikie???

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Greetings everyone, does any of you know what happened to eBay seller Uncmikie (Paul Germann)? I bought a cased blizzard mica marble from him on eBay last month, and when I got it, it measured only 13/16" instead of 1-1/32" as the seller claimed in his descpription. Uncmikie admitted this mistake and promised me a partial refund, and then I heard nothing anymore and he didn't reply to any of my messages. He even didn't respond to the eBay case and claim I opened.

I've always have had very positive experiences with Uncmikie, so I have a feeling there is something going on...does any of you has any information?


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I don't have any info but I was wondering where he was too -- just because I've gotten some very nice old handmades from him in the past and haven't seen anything up for sale from him in a little while . . .

All of my transactions with him have been positive -- FWIW.

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Did you ever get a refund?

Here's a thread from late June of this year, about him. Seems there have been some ongoing problems with his listings.


No, I never a reply from him and never got my refund...I filed a claim through eBay but they wanted me to return the marble to him to get a refund and because I live outside the USA it's impossible for me to have it send with online tracking and signature confirmation, both are required by pay-pal/ebay.

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