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  1. ann

    Folding Up the Tent

    Last day of work tomorrow.
  2. I'd probably irk the hell out of myself.
  3. OK -- so the 3/4" Lawnchairs and the 5/8" Lawnchair Metallics (at least some of which are "Woodstocks") were run on different days. . .
  4. Yep. It's all relative. But cat's-eyes (lots in your photos) don't appear until 1950, so that can serve as a kind of marker for you --
  5. Satellite. Chicago at night, from the west . . .
  6. Not this one. He tossed it on the rollers of the Peltier machine that he recently salvaged. On later experiments he eliminated the orange peel by giving the rollers another extra-fine cleaning . . .
  7. One of Brian's rounded on Peltier's "Miller" machine . . .
  8. ann

    Folding Up the Tent

    No kidding. Movers scheduled for October 15. Utilities on. But more [email protected] to do. EEEEEEE My realtor guy just called to tell me they put a new refrigerator in the house and there's a huge pecan tree in the back yard! A pecan tree!
  9. I'm not familiar with the Moonglow run, but I have some metallics I think were from the Lawnchair run that were called "Woodstocks," with dark colors swirling in the inside -- how do they differ from the Moonglow ones? In case I run into any?
  10. Did to me. But that doesn't necessarily mean much!
  11. Dragon to me. Don't know if most would consider it to be flaming or not.
  12. I come here regularly. Just don't always have a thought in my head.
  13. Might be. But the color is odd enough and light enough to maybe be Barberton instead. Either way, kewel!
  14. It's only the second pic that reminded me of a Michelangelo. The others -- not so much. Doesn't look particularly European, though . . . but I haven't seen nearly as many European ones as I'd like!
  15. Huh. I like it, but I don't recognize it. Will sit with you and wait for Winnie. Looks kinda like a Michelangelo with not enough colors.
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