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Cyan Slags


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I spent a lot of time figuring out how to get the best lighting on these marbles, basically to no avail. My camera simply doesn't like this color. I'm posting a few of the pics though, just so that people can get a very basic idea of what I mean when I say "cyan slag."

Here's what I would consider the spectrum, the darkest on the left and the lightest on the right. Since the photo is kinda not so great, they all look more similar in the photo than in real life.


Here are six of my best cyan slags, all of whom are the same shade (which is the most common in my experiance).


And here are some individual pictures, some of which actually match up pretty closely to the real color.



*Some of these are the same marble from different angles. I didn't make exact notes as to which are which.

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And here are a few marbles taken under a darker light. I was hoping that it'd help make the pictures less contrasty, and I was successful, but now the pictures are too dark. The best examples of what the color looks like is here, though. The best approximation of the color is the first one posted, and the second is a good approximation of the lighter cyan glass.




I'm sure you all have cyan slags of your own; they're rarer, but they're not that unheard of; no rarer than red and lemonade slags. So on that note, I'm not going to go out of my way to make the pictures any better for now.

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