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"ghost Core Swirl"- Is It A Thing?


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There's an antique store that I'll check in about twice a year, and for the past five or six years now, there's been a marble labeled as a "Ghost Core Swirl." It's a german swirl, probably a little under two inches, and in great condition. As the name suggests, the core of it is in a somewhat translucent glass, compared to the rest which is your standard transparent clear glass.

My question is this: is this a known phenomenon? And are "ghost-core swirls" a real type, or is this just a standards swirl with a unique characteristic?

For reference, it's $250, which I suspect may be the reason it's never sold. O_O

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I don't remember the term "ghost core" being used with anything but micas . . . I figure you'd have mentioned mica if there was any . . . is the base glass or the translucent core colored? Any outside banding or anything?

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To the best of my memory, there was no mica.

I believe that the marble has a white lattice core, and unremarkable bands on the outside. Neither the translucent or the base is colored. If my memory serves me– and it's been a while, but I've seen the marble plenty of times– it's a normal swirl except the ghosty part in the center.

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So the core is a colorless translucent area surrounded by white latticinio threads? Huh. I've seen the occasional transparent colored "jelly" core thingees surrounded by latticinio threads, but that's as close as my memory can come right now, without the application of additional stimulants . . .

Curious. Offhand, I'd say it wasn't an effect the maker was striving for. And that the shopkeeper is probably gonna have it for a while longer, at that price!

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The ghosty bit is actually quite wide– the latticino is inside of it, not the other way around.

It's a pretty marble to be sure. I wouldn't mind having it in my collection, I'm just not gonna pay that much for it. Or anywhere close. :P

I'll be heading to that antique mall soon, so if its still around, I'll see if I can get a piccy of it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Went to the antique mall this weekend, and the swirl was gone! :( About time it sold, but sorry I can't get any pictures!

Also gone was the most epic table I've ever seen. Its entire top was inlaid marble (the stone) with very intricate patterns. I loved that table so much, even if I could never, ever afford the $15000 price tag.

I did manage to pick up two killer corkscrews while I was there, though. Pics coming in a few days.

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Another sad tail of a marble escape.

I used to go visit a few marbles too.

I figured they would be around forever!

Seems there's always someone with a little

more chink in the pocket.

Or a lot more knowledge in the head?

Then again maybe they read about it

in this thread & wham, GONE>

Kinda gives that sinking feeling when you see that

empty space?

When you figure out you'll never see it again>

Been there done that.

Better luck next time.


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