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Peltier Aqua Slags Wanted


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If you're still interested, I have two I can send you. They both have slight feathering here and there. They're not exactly the same color of aqua, but neither one is that pale color of blue that looks aqua . . . until you roll it up to a real aqua one. Be happy to send them to you for you to decide if they would work for you. Gone until after Thanksgiving, but PM me and I'll get back to you next week. I actually have three, but the third one looks too small for a match --


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Thanks for giving me an opportunity to poke around my various caches in search of an Aqua Peltier. My aqua selection isn't as abundant as other colors but I had a lot of fun looking and photographing these for you. If you are interested just let me know. Here is what I have:

This first one isn't really a slag (see how I am) but it is gorgeous even if it is a rainbo (I think):




This one does seem to fit the criteria:





This one seems pale in comparison (but pretty all the same):



If you wanted to go a little darker here is a great blue. I think the pink background I used made the pictures look a bit purplish:


Let me know if you are interested. Any would be honored to be an addition to your box. Otherwise, thanks again for letting me play with my marbles.



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