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Hey Now,

Recently a cartoon on PBS aired an episode where the characters learned to play marbles with/from their grandmother. It got my kids really interested in what it was all about and brought back a lot of memories for me of playing for hours with neighborhood kids. Tried to find some marbles locally and was really surprised at how difficult it was to find some. We've been playing for a couple of weeks now in the living room with a string circle and the boys are pushing me to help start a marble club at their elementary school. We've given away some of the really ugly marbles we found at Wal-Mart to their friends and they've been practicing. So getting a club together is looking good. That led me to look around some more online for marbles and eventually led me here.

Very cool site, I've enjoyed reading through the posts and am now actually considering collecting.

Before I decide to buy a case of mega marble nets or something similar off eBay I figured I would try here first. I'm looking for marbles that will get used by elementary school aged kids, not collectables. I've collected other things and know I always seemed to end up with stuff that wasn't really that collectable or sellable to collectors as I grew into a hobby. If you have marbles you would like to get rid of drop me a PM and let me know what you have. Anything has to be better than those hideous Wal-Mart marbles...



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