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Italian Glass + Cubic Zirconia Marble

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I decided to play with Italian glass last night - here's the result. It's hard to photograph black with cubic zirconia so I outlined the spiral pattern that is really there but you can't see it. Best to view it in person.


Very Cool! This looks like it could be fun....How long did it take you to go from interested to producing marbles and helping repair others (I LOVE the idea of restoring or re-making damaged marbles)....NANCY

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I've been repairing marbles since my Marble Show in So Cal in March of this year. I probably have remelted or repaired over 1000 marbles since then - I love being retired!!!!!

Also, I am just in from making a dozen glass cullet marbles... I got the cullet in Quartzite, Az about 5 weeks ago.

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