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  1. 3 step process to pull pics that are cgi/html =change to pdf to BMP to jpg 2 programs "Cute PDF Writer" & "Picasa", both free programs. Here's your pic:
  2. Leona Helmsley as seen by Picasso ...Nancy
  3. Someone here shared this link to an awesome site with me. I'll pass it along to you. I've spent countless hours pouring over the pictures there... Nancy http://www.joemarbles.com/default.htm
  4. I really DO wish I could do that! I Think they are awesome and must have been tons of fun to make!...nancy
  5. Here's pic from Worthpoint
  6. I wanna be able to do that! Nice marbles!..Nancy
  7. such awesome marbles everyone. I've been paying attention to learn more about how to identify Peltier. There's so many different types.....Here's 3 kinda alike of mine...Nancy
  8. I never know what's the most rare or the best but I like this one...Nancy
  9. The first marble is about 9/16" and the second is about 3/4"...Nancy First Second
  10. I looked for a picture of the 'machine made' salamander but gave up as it was late...glad to see it!... I really love the pictures (especially the pictures!)and opinions of everyone on this forum. If anyone stops posting or sharing their opinions here it's a loss to me and I'm sure others who love learning about these things. Fortunately for me not everyone has the same opinion or after reading the first one I'd have nothing left to do but go to sleep, and that's no fun. I enjoy the guesses, the serious discourses, the fun facts, and I even enjoy the opinions, like mine, that are all wrong most of the time. Please keep sharing everyone. Who would've thought that a small glass ball made for kids to roll in the dirt for fun could still be generating so much passion a hundred years later. I bet the workman who tossed the last marble of the day into a full crate at a small factory like the one Duffy shared today would've never imagined all the excitement it would be producing decades later. I often wonder how the marble I have in my hand got from where it started to reach me and how many kids may have carried in their pockets as their favorite...Nancy Posted by Duffy today Historic Photos Discovered
  11. Some Salamanders...(AWESOME MARBLE BY THE WAY) Your Basic Every Color Under the Sun Salamanders The Fragile Fossil Salamander The One Size Fits All Salamander And Finally the Salamander I Think You May Have - The Frog salamander
  12. WOW! I just saw someone was looking at this page and with DIAMONDS in the title I had to check it out too! Awesome marbles!!...nancy
  13. I love watching these kind of discussions cuz I learn things. I can't add anything to the debate but let me add the pictures from e-bay so we can all see what the marbles under discussion are after the sales have ended. I love the pictures and am dissapointed when they're not there any more...Nancy coral cac? a champ... Mud Snakes??
  14. I hope you don't mind that I'm sticking this picture here. I copied it from the E-Bay link you posted above. I've been reading a lot of old threads and the picture gets lost when it's from E-Bay. I love the pictures so here is the picture that will still be here when the sale ends...Nancy
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