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  1. Chad, great looking examples shown. I would love to see what Ron S. has to add to this discussion. He can enlighten us some more. Akro "Chocolate Oxblood", a chocolate/brownish base with a oxblood patch, an Akro patch that is not that easy to find. Most i (think) were in the 3/4 range. Chuck G---
  2. Hey Chad, i would love to have a (connection) out west. Drop me an e-mail if you get a chance, love to talk. My e-mail is [email protected] Love to hear from you. Chuck G---
  3. Mike, some very nice examples and (YES) with this family type, there are a nice range of different ones. I (think) some of the hardest ones to find in this "Jasper" type are the green and blue mixed, the green, blue and PINK, the all PINK. It took me quite a few years to find and add these to my collection. The blue only is quite common. Chuck G---
  4. Chad, you will find the longer you collect the more really (ODD) examples you will find, especially the ones that many did not hit the market that were strange colors. They seem to produce a lot of certain color combos but few exist outside of the normal colors you find. Chuck G---
  5. Chad, i like this example and (yes) there are a few variants of this "Brown Bee" also a "Bronze Bee' with av. and maybe few more (offshoots) of these. The base color is very interesting though. Chuck G---
  6. Chad, very nice example and (yes) they did make some an inch and slightly over, them being HTF. Chuck G---
  7. I agree with the others. Akro probably experimented with av in some of their early years, as you will find this in patches and "Royals". Some corks have shown up with av also. These are sought after by collectors to add more to their Akro group. Chuck G---
  8. Chad, some really nice examples, here is a few more. Chuck G---
  9. Hey Chad, some more, have plenty to share. Pelt "Corals" Chuck G---
  10. Chad, (YES) the one you are talking about is a pelt "Green Goblin", a very tough marble to find. Peltier is like Akro, so many many different species of them, true art in glass color. Chuck G---
  11. Hi everyone, I am still (kicking) around our fall marble show here in Decatur Illinois and the way things look so far i will be planning it here very soon. I want to see how a few upcoming shows go first. I want to see how Fort Wayne, Arkansas and Canton goes and the feedback on them. There could be a few changes to our show here as i decide to carry it forward. Just letting everyone know that so far the plans are to go forward, unless things change by then. Chuck G---
  12. Bonnie, i do have some (theories and speculation) on the Akro colored transparent corkscrews. Some may disagree but here goes. During Akros production of the two colored opaque corks, especially the less attractive white opaque base and yellow cork, they seem to have made less of these in my opinion. So having lots of yellow cullet maybe in stock and less of these being sold (non-attractive) per say, they (may have) decided to change the base color to these examples. They went to the (colored transparent) types all the way from clear to red. The (champagne (pinkish) colored was one of the fir
  13. Thank you for the (GREAT) information. I kinda had an idea of how coloration of stone was done, collecting Indian artifacts and arrowheads being slightly a different color. Indians used heated stone also, to temper their flint. I know agate and flint are slightly different in hardness. This is wonderful information and all should learn from it. Chuck G---
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