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  1. I feel that Chads intellectual value and his drive to future this wonderful hobby will be invaluable. Chuck G---
  2. Chad, a wonderful post and GREAT photos. I (also) have LOTS of Davids creative art pieces. Cant wait to see what his mind can come up with next. Chuck G---
  3. Chuck G


    William, i am thinking like the others now, may have to change my mind and go with pelt then possibly Vitro. As i review the great photos and study it more everyone may be right on Peltier for this example. I will go into my collection and look and see what i find that is close to yours. Discussing examples like this is the (key) for all of us to learn, as we all (including me) keep an open mind to change. A real (wonky) whacked out example. There are so many oddities in the production of marbles, who actually knows what may be floating around, real (head scratchers) for sure. Chuck G---
  4. I agree with Ron, very good example. Chuck G---
  5. Chuck G


    William, i will go with Vitro first then possibly a Peltier. Chuck G---
  6. Mojo, i am guessing neither one is pelt, see what others call them. Chuck G---
  7. Tom, that is a tough one to make a call on, not sure. Chuck G---
  8. Chuck G


    Tommy, Akro did make one inch marbles and even (bigger) and most collectors call those that (exceed) over an inch, experimental but another term that is well discuss in many ways. Chuck G---
  9. Chuck G


    Ric, see what the others say??? Akro or Master. Chuck G---
  10. I agree with what Ron, Al and Chad with what they say, close cut line, CAC, wider, possible German. Chuck G---
  11. Tommy, i agree with Ric, they look to be akro to me also. Colors and cut lines seem to be akro. Chuck G---
  12. A (suggestion) for you if you like. Elizabeth Kempski has a new Cats Eye book out, a very good book that has all these types in it to learn more about them. This will help tremendously if you like this type of marble. Chuck G---
  13. From what i can tell, it looks to be (possibly) be an ("Anacortes") cage style cats eye. The colors and style seems to be correct. Others may want to add to this. Chuck G---
  14. Ric, i have to agree with them above, gonna (roll) it in the "Ravenswood" family type. I see colors (diving) under other colors. Chuck G---
  15. Both examples are very nice and a little different, especially the second one you call the "Grey Dragon". I want to share a little story about this grey example. I will take you back some years and my very good great friend Gino Biffany from Ottawa who has left us now. He was a digger sometimes up there and he had dug a some examples of these that i had purchased from him. We shared some nice talks about these, an his examples i got was the shooter size 3/4 plus and he had asked me to stick a name to them. Very reluctant to do as i know how names go for some collectors. This was around 15 pl
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