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  1. Ron, THANK YOU for the input, i knew you would have the proper answer for this question. I have been curious for years on this. Chuck G---
  2. That is a pelt to me, as i have ones like this. Often they miss a ribbon or two in the composition. There is a few of this family types that are translucent but range in how concentrated the red is. Chuck G---
  3. Brock, that looks to be a Jabo to me also. That does bring up a good question that some may be able to answer. (Percentage) wise how many 1/2 inch pee-wee corkscrews did Akro make verses the other examples. All my years of collecting very hard to find Akro corks that are 1/2 inch and under. Chuck G---
  4. Ron, super nice examples, sure could use them on some canes and walking staffs. Deer antler tips under the handmade. Chuck G---
  5. Check the feet on this display, (minis). Chuck G---
  6. Who made this is a good question. I know many have their ideas and thoughts and opinions so if this is Jabo, i would love to see this color combo in Jabo and what run name was it. Prove is important when discussing marbles. We all learn from these discussion. I can match this color combo to Peltier, but i have not seen that many different runs of Jabos so that color could very well be matched. Chuck G---
  7. Chuck G


    William, i will go with what Steph says, a possible Master i would guess first, then maybe Pelt. Chuck G---
  8. Dave, (AWSOME) boards, and even (tougher) to fill. A GREAT investment so it is. Chuck G---
  9. Mojo, YES!!! those examples are VERY GOOD, and VERY RARE. True yellow UV base glass is tough to come up with. You have done very well at accumulating some various examples. Great marbles. Chuck G---
  10. I will add my two cents into this subject, and yes, it is interesting. You would (think) that Peltier would have marble examples that (pop) like Akro. I will start with German hand made examples, and some very very few have one of the most vibrant UV base glass i have ever seen. You think Akro UV pops you should see a hand made. I (think) that that glass formula (could have) been brought or passed down to the American made companies, (probably) starting with Akro maybe. That UV in Akro did (pop) really well but not quite as much as the hand made. Now that UV being down to Peltier (probably) got less and less UV vibrant. Why is a very good question as it does not show as much. I feel that (probably) as a (guess) that early in Peltier production UV was introduced into the "Yellow Slag" family types, as it was (probably) at the top of the vibrant scale in early examples. Comparing these to later run examples in contrast they (pop) a little more. Now did Peltier (possibly) buy cullet or have their own formula for the UV glass? This question will be answered in the future. Peltier wanted to make a (cheaper) marble so the UV in the later run family types just was not there like the earlier made marbles. Also the chemicals used would have probably cost a lot more. A few thoughts on my part, use them as you may. Chuck G---
  11. Brother Chad, THANK YOU so very much. It is getting close to the show, a month away now. Many have started booking in already, as i am anticipating quite a few attendees this fall. It is gonna be a wonderful time, as i cannot wait to see all my (wonderful) great friends. Chuck G---
  12. I agree with the others above. You might want to do and think about this also. I have found this in my search also. The subject is (yellow) glass. I (think) that yellow and white was not very attractive for the kids, maybe a little more for the girls than the boys. The production of yellow and white was a little less. Think about the other marble makers and their marble examples of yellow and white. Akro yellow and white corks, a lot lot less made, Peltier white and yellow examples, less it seems, MK white and yellow, not many. This point being said, Alley yellow and white examples are (LESS) in my opinion. My thoughts to share with you. Chuck G---
  13. I LOVE to talk about (av) also. Over the years there has been little mention or talked about av in OLD hand mades from Europe. Members would probably like to have some past history on this. I know many things have been said but there is never enough to (keep learning) on ALL subjects of marble collecting, and (sharing) this drives us even more to collect. We want and desire for this hobby to continue and sharing information drives this forward. If you LOVE glass, marble forums is the places to learn. Chuck G---
  14. Chuck G


    Berry, two very nice examples, as i may throw some more things out there for both. The first photo could very well be pelt, but if you can make out the poles on both ends and they are (different) colors it could be pelt as i would put it there first until you get another opinion or two. If both poles are the same color it is probably MK. The second marble is a (KEEPER) in my book all the way. This examples is on the VHTF side of pelts. This lies (for me) in the pelt "Copperhead" family as was mentioned. Purple and blue together is in Peltier outside of the a fore mentioned "Copperhead" is not easy to find. As common as plain rainbos are find one with both (just) blue and purple ribbons. This is my opinion that i have discovered. Keep the second marble!!!! Chuck G---
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