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Hoop-A-Loop Id Question

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Got this as a gift on Wednesday. Made by RCR Mfg. Co., N.Y.C. Red wooden handle attached to a 10" diameter double-railed wire with original red cardboard insert with advertising promotional info. + illustration of boy and girl operating the device. Basically operates by centrifugal force and allows you to spin a marble(or more than one marble) around with a rocking motion. There's a rectangular cut inset with an ol' style mesh incasing three 3/4" marbles. Held in place with a cardboard backer that's stapled. Original staples. The marbles have never been taken out. Blue, Yellow and Green clearies but shades of the three colors that look more Italian than USA (Just an observation not a country ID). The boy has one heck-of-a head of curly hair. I'd guess 1950s. Earliest being the 1940s. Instructions printed on the advertising card. It does state: First remove the card then place marbles on tracks. Never seen it before! Got an opinion? Wonderfully goofy item. Any thoughts on value? Someone wrote in pencil on the back of the card '39.' I suppose it could easily have sold for 39 cents originally. Ever see it before? David

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Unfortunately MarbleClueless you are requesting this of the totally computer clueless. Anyway, that's why I tried to provide as much of a verbal image as possible. Use your imagination. Make believe this is the Radio! And yeah, in 20+ years I haven't spotted this item but then I've never been drawn to the peripheral marble items unless it was documentation. A lot of my friends know me as a paper ephemera dealer. Thanks for looking. David

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