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The Name Game

Chuck G

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Hey Steph, just wanted to compliment you on your study hall first. You have done a fine job on it and its really informative for all who delv into marbles. I didnt realize it until i got to reading a lot in it this morning. You can move this thread if you like to the name game that you have already have a article on.

Going into 38 years of collecting the name of a marble is really a reality now instead of just saying its akro, vitro, or say pelt. Its real easy to say that but if you tack a name to it and that name being a color combo description makes it even more sought after. Years ago saying it was just a maker of a marble was fine but now naming them is where its at for this main reason, it sells a marble and for those who want to make a dollar or so thats great. We as collector/dealers or dealer/collectors its again all about the money. Collecting marbles has become a business now in one sense and of course who drives that market. Adding a name or two here and there hurts nothing and makes the attractivness of that specific name a lot more sought after for the collector. I have myself named a few of them and so has friends of mine and when you attend a show this information floats all around and gets the interst up on them. So what if a marble has a descriptive name its about making money, RIGHT!!!!

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