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Can Anyone Help Identify These?


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I found these marbles under the house purchased in 1998. They were in an old metal ice cooler (the type made in the 1950's). There are

approxiately 1000 marbles in the cooler. The previous owner of the house passed away in 1996 and he was 78 years old. Can anyone help

identify them...year made, company, type, etc.?post-2958-129764218336_thumb.jpgpost-2958-129764218336_thumb.jpg

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There is a cage style cat's-eye (foreign) - 2nd from upper right. The middle row looks mostly like game marbles although the middle on might be an off patch. The others are what we commonly call WV 9West Virginia) swirls since there were 14 companies in WV over the marble making years and most made swirl type marbles. All are common types - a couple, if mint, might be worth a dollar or two but rest are nickel, dime, quarter...

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