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Help For Hurt Marbles!

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Hi Mr. Johnson,

I e-mailed Paul Nulton asking him for help with a lot of machine-made marbles I have and he referred me to you. I have about 50 - 100 machine-made marbles from the 1930's-1950's that have cracks, chips, fleabites, pinpricks and cold-rolls that I would like fixed. Could you please tell me what you would charge per marble or per lot of marbles, by type, damage, etc? I would really appreciate it because some of these marbles have a lot of value to me. Thank you and I look forward to receiving a response from you.


Lisa Allen

[email protected]

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Please send me an e-mail at [email protected] and I'll get all the information to you right away. Thanks and later----Leroy----

Wow! That was fast (LOL) and I just send you all the information. (I didn't look at my e-mail before coming to the board and when I did your e-mail was there.) Later----Leroy----

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