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Those Darn Kids

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Man I wished I was there when this got pounded,shmack the kid who beat it up,, its a 2 inch hmmmm,, looks like a double multi color ribbon i dont know what to call it, hand mades arent my specialty,, this one has a few cracks in it, lolol,, I think i need to send it to Rich to work his magic, is it savable? is that a word?, lol,,, j

post-127-130166810582_thumb.jpg post-127-130166811686_thumb.jpg post-127-130166812578_thumb.jpg

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The 1/8 volume crack will present a major hill to climb. BIG cracks like this occasionally cause the glass to shatter in the slow warming-up process. Then there is the problem at the pontils where the inside color glass comes to a point. The flame's heat might cause the interior glass to rise to the pontil surface and make the swirls change shape. Another consideration is the results of the big crack lines. These crack lines allow air into the interior of the marble and when you heat and begin the melting out of the lines, air trapps and makes bubbles and sometimes there is a discolorization(sp?) of the clear - like a dirty stain line.

That's my opinion looking at the pictures. If this marble has emotional value to you, don't attempt any fix, just set it carefully on a display shelf and leave it alone for future family members to see. Clearly, polishing it wouldn't fix it I am afraid.

If the marble doesn't have any emotional value and if it can't be repaired to bring back the original condition, sometimes I am given permission to "art it up" and totally change the swirls so it will be a totally different marble - just an art piece instead of a German Swirl but that's up to the owner to decide.

Because I like to play in glass, and if it were mine, I'd try a fix and probably do the art thing on it.

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Theres NO emotional value to this, this is one of them 2 buck buys and im curious what you could do with it so pm your address and price and i'll take a shot at it, i also have a sulphide i'll send so you can have fun with it if you want,,, love to see the 2 fixed back into solid again, neither has any eye appeal right now, thanks Rich,, bj

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