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Julia Powell Marble On The Bay Ebay Plug

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The marble maker would be Sam Hogue

yes I did get that is the ad , all the time I had it I forgot how great the marble is with the core . Mike

Julia Powell hand painted Akro Agate Sam Rogue

Hi here is a great marble that was made by Sam Rogue and hand painted by Julia Powell

It is a cranberry color and has a wild swirl inside this marble but it is hard to see unless holding to enjoy this great hand painted marble

It has the Akro agate tower and a Girl and a boy playing marbles

I personality bought this straight from Julia at a marble show.

It is mint and a little over 2 1/2 inches in Dia .

a few pics so you can see how perfect it is and I got to enjoy it all over again listing it for sale .










a lot more pics in the ad and they can be down loaded if any one wants to save them . Mike

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Hi Mike, you missed the point I was trying to make. The marble itself was made by Sam Hogue, with an "H" not Sam Rogue, with an "R", just trying to be helpful

WOW and I thought I check that ,, well I put it in now wow how could I have done that so wrong and even after you tell me well THANKS again Smitty . Mike

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