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  1. 10-14 years ...that would fit me ...if the 14 year old kid was 230lbs.....lolol
  2. these more shows comin up..in the spring in our area....parkersburg and the new show in paden city wv...im located about 50 miles upriver from marietta
  3. duffy

    Interesting Cats

    no prob, ric....I got em directly from the plant..on one of my scrounging excursions years ago....
  4. duffy

    Interesting Cats

    I sent you a pic on facebook
  5. duffy

    Interesting Cats

    those look like marble king jello vanes, to me....prob made around 03...or maybe a little earlier...ive got a box of em around here sumplace....
  6. try using a neutral background...grey works the best for me...
  7. not a robins egg...just a robin....
  8. we had socks...you went to school with a few in a pocket sometimes you had to take a sock off for your winnings...it musta been nice to afford a fancy marble bag....
  9. prob is vitro...you can count the mesh and tell the age of the bag...I saw it somewhere but cant remember .....
  10. maybe oil or other dirt or debris from the rollers
  11. yeah...that one...its close enough for me to be the inspiration in the pic...
  12. yup...that's cario....I like the kid in the flyer part...tryin to be the kid on the life mag (or whichever)...its a nice flyer!!!...walts a good guy!!!thanks for postin this steph!!!
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