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  1. BobandPat

    Prayers For Catfish

    Derrick lost Bevra, the love of his life, yesterday morning from a heart attack. Would everyone please send him prayers and well wishes. Thanks, Bob
  2. BobandPat

    Mike Bartons

    All Bartons.... Might have a few more of his beauties in one of those "First Class All The Way" white boxes Mike sends them in. Thanks for everything Mike! Bob
  3. BobandPat

    Show A Marble That Enjoy

    Here's my thought on that subject..... it sure would look good reunited and setting next to it's big brother brick. Thoughts?
  4. BobandPat

    More Peltiers

    I see the blue deere bottom row second from the right, which I was fortunate to hold in hand. Pictures just don't do it justice like the rest of them, I'm sure. Hi Mike!
  5. I have to agree with Chuck on the new location.... I didn't think I would like it with the rooms on so many floors, but it spread the people out so it didn't seem so crouded. I think Chuck should show some close ups of the yellow and green pelt though.... yes the one with the blue aventurine running along the edge of the green. Bob
  6. I'm at a total loss for words that could describe how I feel about Art's loss right now. The Badger Marble Club lost a member who contributed much towards the yearly show, the meetings, and his dedication to teaching new collectors how to identify marbles. My sincere codolences go out to his family and to Bill Bass who has lost a very close friend. Bob
  7. Several years ago a collector gave me a damaged GR because I didn't have one and couldn't afford a nice one. I'm still looking for just the right one for my Peltier collection, but when I find it, I'll give the damaged one to a new collector who doesn't have one yet. That's how new friendships happen.... right Catfish? So go ahead and get it if you can, then down the road make a new friend. Bob
  8. BobandPat

    Hot Fudge??

    I would put it with my Peltier's....
  9. BobandPat

    Slag City!!!

    Dang Brad, you're going to need help with the sorting.
  10. BobandPat

    Happy Birthday Catfish

    Have a wonderful day my friend!
  11. BobandPat

    Indiana Marble Club Show 2011

    Nicely done and greatly appreciated Joe! Bob
  12. BobandPat

    Peltier Submarines

    The one just posted by marblemiser is a sub IMO. The base blue can vary from extremely dark like the one Galen posted and the one I have to a more medium color. Some also seem to be more dense and stringy than others, letting less light through. The red ribbons are typical Peltier running dark red through the oranges, yellows and burnt colors. Most of the ones I have seen in hand are more of the medium blue with the lighter blended red ribbons... I am curious what others have observed though. Bob
  13. BobandPat

    Peltier: Your Best/rarest Three

    I agree that the ones with history have a spot in my heart too. The liberty I've had since the late 50's when I played the school grounds, and the cubscout I just rescued a few weeks ago for 2 dollars at a local antique shop. They both have a spot in the display case.
  14. BobandPat

    New Peltier

    Hi Rick, long time no see... nice marble. Bob
  15. BobandPat

    My Favorite Rainbos

    Snowing like crazy here today, so I thought I would drag some out.