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  1. Yes you do Greg but I think you would have to wait until my son inherits them before they " may" become available.
  2. The blue is 1 & 5/8" but I believe it is a newer slag and the Vaseline slag is 1 & 3/8".
  3. A new group to me measuring in at 29/32", not mint but still makes an impressive display.
  4. My last statement on this subject. I do not study marbles, I collect as a hobby for the beauty and appeal/artistry of marbles and when I find/buy things that I do not want I will flip them. My reputation I believe is for finding and selling good to great marbles at reasonable prices. I do not do this as a business but rather to reinvest this money on more marbles and unless it has sentimental value to me my mark up is minimal. No one has ever approached me at a marble show and started a discussion on CAC's or any other marble for that matter and I do avoid the boards. I enjoy the social aspec
  5. Thanks for the information. Not following the boards or getting involved in these discussions at the marble shows is ignorance on my part. I will cease calling them CAC,s. I believe Roger has tried to find out information on any Canadian involvement but the last time we talked (many years ago) he had not found any. I do not collect CAC,s nor studied them, I like akro and hand mades. Any I have ever picked up I quickly flipped. Still would like to know where they come from and why I had a couple that had oxblood.
  6. Thanks for the Kangaroo court. I do not think they were made in Canada. I still lean to Christensen and never try to deceive. I don't need the money and the last ones I sold were purchased by veteran collectors that shared the same opinion as me. Thanks for slandering me I appreciate it, . Where were these made Marble Police? I have not bothered with the boards for many years because of __ll shit like this. I found out about this thread from someone who took the time to send me a question on the listing and pointed me here. If you do not agree with someones description it would be so easy to
  7. I pulled the two auctions. Yes most of these were found in Canada, that does not make them Canadian. Everyones opinion is just that, an opinion. I did have a couple of these many years ago that had oxblood in them, (wish I had kept one) but I did not. To me at that time I felt they were M.F.Christensen but that was just an opinion, I really have no idea who made these but I do not believe they were "Made in Canada".
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