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  1. Yes you do Greg but I think you would have to wait until my son inherits them before they " may" become available.
  2. The blue is 1 & 5/8" but I believe it is a newer slag and the Vaseline slag is 1 & 3/8".
  3. A new group to me measuring in at 29/32", not mint but still makes an impressive display.
  4. My last statement on this subject. I do not study marbles, I collect as a hobby for the beauty and appeal/artistry of marbles and when I find/buy things that I do not want I will flip them. My reputation I believe is for finding and selling good to great marbles at reasonable prices. I do not do this as a business but rather to reinvest this money on more marbles and unless it has sentimental value to me my mark up is minimal. No one has ever approached me at a marble show and started a discussion on CAC's or any other marble for that matter and I do avoid the boards. I enjoy the social aspect of a marble show/marble hobby and nothing more.
  5. Thanks for the information. Not following the boards or getting involved in these discussions at the marble shows is ignorance on my part. I will cease calling them CAC,s. I believe Roger has tried to find out information on any Canadian involvement but the last time we talked (many years ago) he had not found any. I do not collect CAC,s nor studied them, I like akro and hand mades. Any I have ever picked up I quickly flipped. Still would like to know where they come from and why I had a couple that had oxblood.
  6. Thanks for the Kangaroo court. I do not think they were made in Canada. I still lean to Christensen and never try to deceive. I don't need the money and the last ones I sold were purchased by veteran collectors that shared the same opinion as me. Thanks for slandering me I appreciate it, . Where were these made Marble Police? I have not bothered with the boards for many years because of __ll shit like this. I found out about this thread from someone who took the time to send me a question on the listing and pointed me here. If you do not agree with someones description it would be so easy to point out the "New Evidence" if it exists to who made these. Thanks Steph for all you do for this board. "
  7. I pulled the two auctions. Yes most of these were found in Canada, that does not make them Canadian. Everyones opinion is just that, an opinion. I did have a couple of these many years ago that had oxblood in them, (wish I had kept one) but I did not. To me at that time I felt they were M.F.Christensen but that was just an opinion, I really have no idea who made these but I do not believe they were "Made in Canada".
  8. Thanks for all the feedback on this auction. If someone can tell me who made these I will gladly pull the auction. They are detailed and shown on pages 81,82 and 83 in the book "Collecting Early Machine-made Marbles". I really don't bother much with the boards so if there is new information/evidence available on who made these I would love to be educated.
  9. Bert never forget anyone, I was at his last show this year and he remembered that it had been 14 years since we last saw each other but he still knew my name. He will be missed and never forgotten. R. I. P. and God be with you.
  10. I don't read German but I was under the impression that these where made there.
  11. I played a lot in the 50's and was not very good at it. My cousin would always win like he does at everything. We would usually just dig a hole and first In would win the lot. Now I just buy , sell and trade them as a very enjoyable hobby and my cousin does not get any of them. lol.
  12. Picked these up on the weekend and includes what appears to be a hand formed carpet ball. The patina is right and the ball is not a perfect sphere. Reminds me of a hand ground agate. Anyone seen anything similar?
  13. Check this auction for a similar pic. http://www.ebay.com/itm/171261373142
  14. Picked this up on the weekend. Lid has a hole but ive never seen nor heard of this game before. Pat. March 1891. Some nice china marbles with it.
  15. He is a nut bar for sure. He bought a marble from me ,took 3 days to pay and then after 2 days starts to threaten me because he never received his marble yet.
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