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  1. stacyw

    What Are You Listening To Now?

    Yes indeed Galen!
  2. stacyw

    Marble Comparison Thread :)

    Great thread!!!!
  3. stacyw

    How Is The Weather Where You Live Today?

    12 degrees and awaiting yet another significant snowstorm tomorrow night...is there an emoticon that those of us in the Northeast can send to Galen?
  4. stacyw

    Old Stories

    Gotta love the Uncle Wiggly tales.
  5. I wonder if sitting the thimble on the stove might be a way to remove the stuck marble? Hey, it works for installing valve guides. Or, maybe just throw the whole thing in the privy...could be clue to why these show up in digs
  6. Thanks ladies! Happy New Year to you both.
  7. From a 1920 publication: https://books.google.com/books?id=EbJMAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA517&img=1&zoom=3&hl=en&sig=ACfU3U3XV_U11gthLAJMvHvmxjnWxf6upQ&ci=44%2C641%2C440%2C600&edge=0
  8. Just a guess here but gold and sterling thimbles are quite soft and easily bent or squashed, rendering them unusable. Maybe storing with a marble inside prevented such damage.
  9. stacyw

    Scott Patrick In Need

    Good thoughts coming your way Scott. Hope things turn around for you soon!
  10. stacyw

    Happy Birthday Fritzy

    Belated Happy Birthday Fritz!
  11. stacyw

    Bird Is The Word

    On the way to work today, I saw one fly over and land right at the top of a tree near my house. Very beautiful and uncommon to see one in a tree.
  12. stacyw

    Bird Is The Word

    Fantastic photo!
  13. stacyw

    Happy Birthday Steph!

    Happy BDay Steph! And KBob that cake is awesome!