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  1. He's at it again,one from zaboo auction and the guy selling the lot of screen printed marbles,reported both
  2. Nope..well if you consider e bay the wild..lol,buy it now..lucky fast trigger finger..lol here is the picture that was posted..hope its okay..if not then please remove
  3. Steph..yes..it's mine Alan..you are probably right just a simple sample box,as I stated don't think all the right marbles are there,the picture from the book shows what was in the box but I don't have the book ..just showing how it came to me,I can see it's missing the clear i.e. Marbles and a few others I am sure..but none the less..a cool little box..I am happy with it..I see in my other post I wrote salesman sample box..my mistake
  4. Hi Steph..thanks for the responses,I posted this on the other forum,this is in the new master book that was recently published..guess it is a extremely rare salesman sample box..if you find your book you will see it in there..thanks
  5. Box measures 3 1/4 x 3 1/4, a little over 5/8 deep,in very good shape,a few marbles don't belong.I can't find mention of this box in the marble books I have or on line,I don't have the newly published master book,does any one have information on this?..thanks for any help
  6. Thank you ,I googled it,so far it seems to be working..appreciate it he help
  7. Sorry,not recent activity,just activity..then click on that and it takes me to this.When I first go to general marble topic forum,I am not seeing this thread at all,it's like that on any of the topics listed in the forum..the only way is how I described before..a glitch? not sure what I did but finally see this thread..if you fixed it Steph..much appreciated
  8. Hi Steph,I tried googling this forum to see if it's better,still having to go to drop down menu to even see this topic,it and any recent ones don't show unless I use drop down menu and click recent activity i don't know how to reload a page..? and this time I didn't even sign in
  9. I am having a similar problem,once I log in I don't see any new activity unless I use the drop down menu and search "activity".also it keeps logging me out without me signing out
  10. Thoroughly enjoy your posts about the hummingbird,here on the east coast,we will go through a gallon of hummer food daily..tons of hummer so but have never seen or found a nest..jealous
  11. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad,thoughts and prayers to you and your family
  12. Yes..there is white on the ones I posted
  13. Steph..I am sure I have masters in with my Akros might be a good thread it's the base glass that's throwing me,looked over at Joe's marble page,what my eye was attracted to was the ades marbles..maybe this is an ades patch..if they even made ades in patches?
  14. Thanks you two,agreed something is strange with them..can't figure out what though
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