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  1. JerryG

    End of Day

    This showed up in the mail today. New seller described it as an Akro. Ummm? No.
  2. JerryG


    Bulgarian confirmed over on AllAboutMarbles.com
  3. JerryG


    Initially described as a Transitional, seller contacted me and said she came to believe it was Bulgarian and I could cancel the buy. I wanted to see it in hand and she offered to take it back if I'd pay return postage. It's a very pretty mib. Just under 15/16 (29/32). Very rough pontil - third photo. Comments welcome.
  4. JerryG

    Transitional Marble - Makers?

    I've just called them Japanese Transitionals.
  5. JerryG

    Family ID?

    Colors make me think Christensen Agate.
  6. JerryG

    Mostly Pix - Peltier

    That is one sad bag...
  7. JerryG

    Need help!

    I'm afraid I agree with Jabo.
  8. JerryG

    Pelt or M.F. or Akro?

    Not seeing slag. I'm going with WV swirl.
  9. JerryG

    Master or Akro?

    Not Master. Eye lashes do lean towards Akro.
  10. JerryG

    Mostly Pix - Peltier

    Cheese -- I've got a fellow collector friend who's dying to find another Toucan. There has *got* to be more out there. Repost of my pair.
  11. JerryG

    Mostly Pix - Peltier

    Took this photo for another forum, but thought I should post it here also. Four early Peltier NLR swirls. All just under 7/8. Little Superboy is just under 5/8 for comparison. A Spiderman, a wannabe Flaming Dragon, a Rebel and a Ketchup and Mustard.
  12. A group of contemporaries in my collection. Love the Kitty at the top.
  13. Late to the party. Your Blue Sky is in fact a Blue Sky and I'm pretty certain your Coral is an Alley Coral. Transparent base or opaque? This matched set of Ravens I acquired more than 15 years ago. Fourth and Sixth columns are the most common brown-based Blue and Green swirls. The second column seems to be much harder to find.
  14. JerryG

    Mostly Pix - Alley

    So... Here you go. A bit of color.