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  1. I looked through my phone, hoping to find pictures of those... Looks like I didn't take any of those, though!! Got a bunch of pics of Galen's mibs (particularly the real American Agates vs. the mibs that frequently get called/sold as American Agates -- I had a 'not real' one!) and a lot of pics of Art Bowles's awesome Akros + packaging, but I didn't take any pics of all those CAC peewees!!! Man, it was a GREAT display! Wish I had gotten pics, don't know what I was thinking.
  2. Yikes! Northern areas of MI can get some absolutely insane snow! This is what my poor car looked like before I dug myself out yesterday -- Took me 3 hours, but my driveway is clear now! As clear as I could get it, anyway. Blisters on my palms too! Got out of my drive just fine, but then struggled to drive the 2 blocks to a clear street. Took 10 minutes to drive 2 blocks, kept getting stuck! Road had last been plowed Saturday afternoon, and we got several more inches since then. Figured that would happen -- I watched a car get stuck a few houses down while I was sho
  3. Definitely not unusual! Woo glad I'm much further south than those places with 160 inches per year, wow!! Average snowfall per year in my city is only 51". A foot for February.
  4. I think I'm biased (unfavorably), because I'm stuck in it LOL, but I am just not seeing the pretty right now. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Couple more inches... it's hidden one more spoke on my wheels. Yesterday (top) vs Today (bottom) The plow did finally get to my street. Now I have a burm to bust through before I can leave. Man that snow from the plow going threw flew pretty far!!! Splashed up and covered the sidewalk some. I'll bundle up tomorrow and start digging myself out... *sigh* "yaaaay"... I hate this part, LOL. If I could go all winter w
  5. I'm on fire, because I feel into the magma of Mount Doom!!! Swimming in flames ๐Ÿ”ฅ I haven't bitten off anyone's fingers though.
  6. Got a minor snowmageddon today. More on the way Sat & Sun, another 1-3 inches expected. City closed down all city-run businesses at 3pm. My car was completely clear yesterday. Truck still out of commission, and blocking the garage to boot... hey I just remembered my garage door gave me issues about a month ago, and refused to close when I pushed the button. So it's unhooked right now anyway! Something else to fix... Wonder how long it'll be before my road gets plowed... there's no way I could make it down this in my car LOL. I'm effectiv
  7. Came home from Canton with 5 new marbleous mibs! And I finally got around to getting pics of them. So Canton was my 2nd marble show, with Indy being my 1st last month... do y'all remember that blue & yellow Popeye I got at Indy? With the yellow being completely inside the marble and never actually breaking the surface -- this one here... Indy Show blue/yellow Popeye: Well at Canton, I was amazed and delighted to find ANOTHER Popeye just like that!!! Dark blue, with completely sub-surface yellow! Canton Show blue/yellow Popeye: Super cool! I
  8. It was great meeting you guys! Awesome in-room fun, sad I had to miss the actual show on Sat though. Wish I had gone to see the Miller machine, that looked so cool! Still need to get pics of my Canton mibs -- 2 new CAC flames & my first S/O, a Champion furnace which looks pretty flamey, and a dark blue & sub-surface yellow Popeye that matches the one I got at the Indy Show!!! Hope to see y'all again soon! --Krystal
  9. Thanks everyone!!! Well dang, LOL, wonder just how old something has to be for this seller to call it "older"... haha! I have 2 more Champions from the same seller -- one also described as "older" and one not, neither nearly as big as the one in this post. Gotta get pics, I'm sooooo behind on getting pics... but the second "older" one is just gorgeous... *drool* Oh man I just remembered -- I picked up a freaking amazing beautiful awesome Champion furnace at Canton!!! Haven't gotten any pics of my Canton mibs yet!!
  10. Well, at least the size on this one is right! 21/32 is smack dab in the middle of that 9/16 - 3/4 range. I just got some backlit pics, looks pretty neat. And I took a brief video of it moving... Here's the video: And here are some backlit pics: It's so interesting how different it looks backlit than normal lighting! Check out this next collage -- the top two photos are of the exact same position, just the first one is regular lighting, the second one is backlit. Same for the bottom two photos. The tracing going sub-surface from the
  11. I came across this older thread -- http://marbleconnection.com/topic/13319-question-about-champion-sizes/ And it made me wonder about a marble I got a few weeks ago. It was described as an "older Champion"... and is super lumpy/out of round (I love this about Champions... they feel so interesting rolling them around in your fingers!!!) so that the absolute largest reading I'm getting on it for size at the largest point is 27/32". Now that thread says most older Champions are 5/8"... and the new Old Fashions have at least 5 varieties that are 13/16". I don't think mine looks
  12. No, I didn't ask why they thought it was Pelt. It was Kevin Plummer and... who else was there, Ed Parsons I think? that were looking at it and said for sure Pelt. And I can't see any physical seams anywhere on it. But there are a couple spots where the pattern abruptly terminates, where I imagine a seam should be if it was visible -- And there are lots of "sugar-water" effect tracings of the white below the surface (and that's a nice way to describe it!)... here are a few I've circled, maybe it's hard to tell from the pics that these are sub-surface? (
  13. Had to dig this up for an update -- ID'ed as definitely Pelt in person at Canton show yesterday by some Pelt people!
  14. Ooo, cool!!! Don't think I've seen that either! I really like that combo, ox on amber. Sweet! Thanks for sharing that one Disco!
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