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  1. Yeah they’re about as rare as A democratic Trump supporter, but they are out there… Maybe I’ll find another one Day,… But I’m not holding my breath LOL
  2. Rip boss. I know we didn’t know we didnt always exactly see 👁 to 👁, but you were a good man and Had enough sense to know Peltier Marbles really obviously were the best ever made ;-).thank you for everything you taught me without knowing it 🙂
  3. Tanks been around name wise for at least 3 decades. can get a little muddled but you might’ve heard them referred to as split pea soups as well
  4. Pretty sure thats not an akro..
  5. I hadn't looked through this thread lately… Man there some beauties on here!
  6. I haven't thrown a few up here for a while..
  7. I have a name for these that I use, but I don't think these MCS have an official title
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