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  1. scooby


    I upload to imgur and change image size to medium,then copy or save image back to my phone..if i crop photo on my phone it just blurs out my image..tedious but it works...
  2. Now that i can look closer now i see green,thought it was white and gold stripes..one end is ground down and the other end has no grinding marks..and the ghost core is in a swirl like pattern
  3. Nice mib.. i can see where it would be a possability..
  4. scooby

    2 mib ID's

    Better pic of seam in the green mib..it's with my pelts for now..
  5. This is my vacor red devil it's 1-3/8
  6. Sunsets are nuts......the amount of bubbles..
  7. If the mib on the stand is what were talking about..lol
  8. Wow...thats dam close...love it what ever it is..
  9. I have a few vacor and to me they kind of look like plastic and tend to have those pin holes in the swirl color or anything of that nature..they have some marbles that are quite nice,on that note the second one Very well could be another vacor..but someone will chime in with more knowledge then me..
  10. Most likely mega (vacor) on the first marble..second one is nice but can't say who..
  11. scooby


    Me likey..thats a nice one..
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