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6 Dog Marbles

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Six Dog Marbles

This is a story of six precious dogs that belong to my friends, Eric and Blair Petersen, who live in Plano, Texas. I had the opportunity to stay at their house and had the pleasure of meeting, petting and playing with some of their dogs – what a real treat! I was asked if I could make one marble for each dog to honor them. Here are their stories and pictures of each marble.

BOODA American Eskimo white fur very dark brown, almost black eyes

Because Booda was a tiny ball of white fur when I got him as a few week-old puppy, he was a real chick-magnet. Girls would walk over to see him and we both loved the attention. As he grew up, he still had all the good looks and charm of a puppy, but unfortunately, he did not like anyone getting in his face – and he nipped more than one nose.

Before Blair, my wife, came along, I used to have to drive Boo (his special nickname) to my sister’s house about 20 miles away each morning before work and pick him up every night. He was a good sport going there every day, and seemed to enjoy “day care” and hang out with her dogs all day.

Years later, after Blair and I moved into our first home, Booda got up on the dining room table one evening to finish off a chicken that Blair and I left there – we went out in the front yard to do something after dinner – and hadn’t cleared the table for some reason. Booda got up on the table and was standing in the middle of it, going full steam on the chicken. He paused for a moment when we knocked on the front window to get his attention – he looked at us and then went right back to his “dinner.” We were laughing too hard to stop him.

Once he made the long road trip to Omaha with Blair and I (and Katie, another dog of ours). It was in the winter – and it was the first time either of the dogs had seen snow of any measurable depth. I can still remember both Boo and Katie leaping like deer through the snow. It was something to see! They seemed to instinctively take to the snow and the climate – and as much fun in the white-stuff that they were having, it was almost impossible to get them to come back inside.

One time we were getting Booda to pose for a picture in my old ’78 Land Cruiser. The Cruiser had a 4” lift kit that made a normally tall truck even taller. The bottom of the windows was a good 5’ above ground. We were trying to get his attention to get him to look out the window, and unfortunately, he mistook our clapping and yelling as a sign to come to us. Boo sailed right out of the window and splattered on all fours, before recovering and running right over to us. Scared the heck out of us, and of course, we felt terrible that he jumped - thankfully he was fine. As Booda got older, he would bark at everything so Blair gave him the nickname “Bob Barker.” We also affectionately referred to him as “the shredder,” as anytime Boo could fine paper, or get in a trashcan, he would shred any and all paper leaving it strewn all around the house. It’s been almost 6 years since you’ve gone and not a day goes by that I don’t think about you - we miss you buddy.



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KATIE Siberian Husky all white fur blue eyes

Katie was named after the little girl who found Booda after he wandered away from home one day. We had just finished putting “missing dog” fliers out on 300 light posts in Plano, Texas and had just got back home at about 2am when my pager went off. I called the number and it was a teenage girl (named Katie) who said she had Boo. He had been outside her window barking at her cat, so she let him in. Blair and I jumped in the car and drove two whole streets over from our house and picked him up from her. We were so thankful to have him back that we went to the animal shelter and found him a friend (every dog needs a dog friend) – and he couldn’t have asked for a better friend than Katie. We took her outside the shelter, and she refused to go back inside (she wasn’t dumb) – so we took her home to see how she would get along with Boo. They were quickly the very best of friends. We found out afterwards that Katie had been in the shelter, taken home, and then returned again – so of course she didn’t want to go back in there after we sprung her! She was always a loving dog, but never “clingy.” She and Booda spent the next 7 years together.

After we had to put Boo to sleep, Katie was almost always at my (Erik’s) side. She was my faithful “bathroom companion” and would lay down in the knee space under the vanities while I got ready for work, and, as Scout (another dog of ours) would also one day become, was a real scratch-pig when it came to standing in front of me panting until I gave her a good long scratch. Katie was also a very vocal Husky. She was not shy about talking to you, and she made sure you understood what she wanted – and would “scold” you and stamp her front paw until she got her point across.

One Spring we planted flowers in our backyard only to find them all dug up on the back porch & missing all their blooms – obviously Katie thought they tasted better than they looked. Katie passed away seemingly peacefully, and without any warning the Friday before Halloween this past October (2010). We miss you too, sweet girl, and know you’re giving Boo a run for his money once again – hope we’ll be together with both you and our other four-legged friends down the road.



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SHEBA Akita light brown and black fur brown eyes

We were playing poker with friends one night at a friend’s house and had mentioned we wanted to get another dog. They said that their niece and nephew found a stray dog wandering along the street in Little Elm, Texas and took it to their parent’s house – as the young couple was about to have a baby and didn’t have room at home for a puppy as well. So after cards that night, we went over to the house where Sheba was being kept. The couple was just getting back from Las Vegas, they were both quite drunk, and in fact, the husband fell on Blair (literally) when he went to give her a hug. We went out on the back porch to see Sheba, who was thrilled to see us – so much so that her whole butt seemed to be wagging instead of just her tail. She was a strong little puppy, and was dragging the iron picnic table she was chained to towards us. We hated to see her chained to this table – and were scared to death that she would accidentally drag it into the swimming pool right beside her.

When I looked at Blair, I said, “what do you think?” because I really wasn’t sure that she wanted an Akita (we were thinking of getting another American Eskimo like Booda, or a Husky like Katie). Blair didn’t hesitate – she said, “there’s NO WAY we’re leaving this puppy here.” I was so glad to hear her say that. I couldn’t bear to see ANY dog chained up ever – but especially when it might drown in the pool!

We sometimes refer to Sheba as “Sheba Star of the Show” since she put on a “show” one day for Blair’s nephew and I – running between us, flipping around, turning circles, acting crazy. She has a playful nature, and loves to please people – especially Blair. She is so very attentive, that if Erik coughs in his sleep, she wakes Blair up out of concern that something’s wrong. This was great the first time or two she did it, but now we wish we could assure her that all’s well – so that Blair can get some sleep.



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ICE Siberian Husky gray and white fur blue eyes

Almost right after we rescued Sheba, our Vet, Dr. King called and asked us if we would like to take another dog. Ice’s previously family had got her from the pound, and unfortunately, left her kenneled at our vet’s several months out of the year – and had done so for the better part of 3 years before we took her. The family was moving to Georgia, our vet said, and after having Ice for at least 3 years, they were going to dump her at the pound, and not take her with them. We of course said we would take her. She came to us very skinny, after being fed tea and toast most days from her previous family.

Ice never lived in our old home, which is approximately ½ mile from where we currently live – but right after we got her, she dug out of our yard more than once. One time, she ran through the creek behind our home, and right to our old home! Guess we should have showered more – can’t believe she could follow our scent to a home she never lived in. Ironically, one of the other times she got out, she ran right to the home that my Mom now lives in, about a ½ mile in the other direction. Speaking of my Mom, she swears that she witnessed Ice standing on her hind legs and “shimmying” through our iron fence. We all believe it, as she was a true escape artist. She was badly injured on her last tunneling-out job, and we guess has learned her lesson - she has not done it since.

Even though she is our smallest dog, our dog trainer assures us that she is actually, quietly, the alpha-dog of our group of four dogs. She scolds the other dogs whenever they come within a few feet of her food bowl. When anyone comes to visit at our home they all want to take Ice home, she just that special and has a way of letting everyone see that about her.

Not content with giving you a kiss on the cheek – we joke about Ice waiting until you’re not looking and then giving you a kiss on the lips – which we call her “Fasty’s.” She is lightening quick, and then runs off, laughing, we’re sure!



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SCOUT Akita brown and white brown eyes

with a little black fur

Blair found Scout on a corner one Saturday afternoon in January of 2006. She was driving with her Mom and saw people on the corner-selling puppies so that they could make their rent. They were AKC registered Akitas – Blair stopped and saw Scout – he was the last puppy, and they had to have cash – so Blair made her Mom stay there with Scout so they wouldn’t sell him to someone else, while she went to the cash machine. She returned and gave them cash, and was offered double right on the spot by some guy who wanted him as well. She said “No,” and brought him to my office in McKinney, Texas so that I could see him.

On their way to see me, Scout got carsick and threw up in Blair’s purse. I was writing a contract with a customer whom we now jokingly refer to as Scout’s Godparents – since they were there when Blair brought him to see me. He was a good-looking puppy and knew how to mug for the camera even then. In addition to throwing up in Blair’s purse, being a puppy, of course he peed on my office carpet that first time I met him.

When we got Scout home, Sheba immediately took him away from us, and helped him understand where to go to the bathroom (OUTside), and she basically raised him. Scout’s mugging for the camera is usually through his expressive eyes. But one of his public “displays” was in our Media Room – and NOT for the camera. Blair’s dad and some other family members were in the Media Room and getting Scout wound up. He stopped, ran right over in front of the TV and squatted right in front of everyone. I don’t know if it’s because the carpet in that room is a long shag carpet that feels like grass – but it has presented similar “problems” with our other dogs as well.

Scout is a gentle giant – and most of the time tries to stop scuffles between Sheba and Ice, or Sheba and Siku. Unfortunately, if he’s not successful in his break-up attempt, he sometimes joins IN the scuffle and both Blair and I have to break it up! He’s also a very perceptive dog – who does not like it when Blair and I leave. In an effort to keep us home one time, Scout took my wallet and half-hid it in a pile of leaves outside. He knew it was mine, and knew that I couldn’t leave without it. He and Sheba both love to play tricks on Blair and I, and make us chase them outside for a few minutes before going back inside so that we can leave.



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SIKU Siberian Husky white, black and gray fur blue eyes

The fastest dog with a sock or washcloth that you’ll ever meet – that’s Siku. If he gets a hold of one, he can inhale it almost entirely before you make it across the room to pull it away from him. We call him the “surfer” because in his last home, the people did not train him to stay away from things on the countertops or tables. It’s taken time, but he’s gotten much better about not swiping things off the counter…. but ”training” is ongoing.

I met Siku’s previous owner while getting my car serviced in McKinney. Here was this attractive lady, surrounded by about 4 men, all of whom were trying to talk to her – and this tiny little black and white Husky on a leash trying to get out and away from the crowd around his owner. I went over to her and started talking to her about her puppy, as we had 2 Huskies ourselves. She said he was just a few weeks old, but that her “trainer” said he was aggressive and suggested he be put down. I asked why, and she said because he was nipping at her sons’ heels. Bear in mind this is a 6 week old puppy. I told her she should fire her trainer, and if she ever even thought of putting Siku to sleep, to call me immediately! Amazingly, just 90 days after meeting her that first time, she did in fact call me and say that they were going to have to do something. I told her to bring him over to our house, and we’d see how he got along with our other dogs, while we tried to find a permanent home for him. She brought him over, and her sons were so happy to see him playing with our other dogs, and running around a nice big yard, that they begged us to keep him here. We didn’t see that one coming. Nonetheless, he’s been a wonderful, loving addition to the family – and just like our other dogs, we can’t imagine NOT having him here.

Siku is also the leader of the band, in that he gets all of the dogs to sing together when they hear Blair and I come up the driveway – and when they miss us. He likes to spend time by himself but when he is ready to be a part of the group he makes his presence known. When he see us he us launches himself on top of you & nuzzles on you until he is comfortable!!! He has earned the nickname “Hump De Dump DE” because when he’s on the bed and the other dogs get on the bed he has to greet them by humping them, which NEVER goes over well for any of them!!! He is able to open the back door when he wants in, except at 5 am daily when he wakes up Erik because he wants to go outside for his morning stroll.



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Hummmm.. I really thought you guys would like these custom marbles I made and enjoy the stories from the owners about their pets.

Thanks for sharing! Marbles are awesome....I can't make marbles, but it has inspired me to go paint some stories! Thanks again...

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